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Tackle Resistance in Chemfallow

March 27, 2018

We've all heard the tales - resistant kochia and Russian thistle is among us, there is nothing that can be done, time to pull out the tractor and go backwards in time to traditional tillage.


Monsanto has been assessing this problem for the last few years and has created a plan to eliminate resistance. It's simple, which is wonderful, but it must be followed precisely. The main kicker here is no more than 25-30 days between applications, no exceptions. So mark your calendar or put a reminder in your phone, but don't miss your mark or you will be creating a field and future fields of resistant chaos.


Here is the easy-to-follow plan


  1. Pre-plant and First Pass Fallow (April-May):

    1. Pre-plant: 16-24 oz RT3 + Non-Ionic Surfactant+ AMS

    2. First Pass On Fallow-

      1. If you suspect you have glyphosate resistant weeds, 2 oz Valor, 4 oz Metribuzin, 32 oz per acre of RT3 or Powermax

      2. No resistance in the past: 16-24 oz RT3, 8 oz LV-6 or 3-4 oz dicamba, and NIS

  2. Second Third Pass Fallow (June -Early July) 25-30 days after first application: 32-44 oz RT3, 8-16 oz Amine or LV-6, dicamba. If weeds are more than 6 inches in height, use the high rate

  3. Third or 4th Pass (July-August): 32-64 oz RT3, Amine, dicamba, NIS, AMS or burndown product

Simple enough, the only question left is if you will follow through with the recommendations and timing to prevent resistance on your acres.


If you have questions, give us a call 406-278-3541.




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