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Make your banker will fall in love with you again.

March 11, 2019


As winter refuses to release its icy grip here in north-central Montana, we look forward to warmer weather and the start of a new season. We are sitting here, sipping our coffee, and preparing for what may play out to be another hectic spring.


Custom Crop Care is excited to announce a new partnership with Agworld. It will help us serve you better and ultimately improve your bottom line. Agworld is a privately-owned agriculture consulting software company.  The company was founded in 2009 and is now a globally renowned system effectively creating pathways of communication from ag retailers and consultants to the growers.


With Agworld software, Custom Crop Care will:

  1. Efficiently collect soil samples

  2. Create your custom farm plan to give you a forecasted look at the upcoming year’s inputs

  3. Compare different scenarios to see what fits best in your operation

  4. Improve field scouting - turning observations into action

  5. Manage your historical records for financial decisions and crop rotation planning

  6. Use field health imagery to determine problem areas and create a plan to resolve any issues

  7. Increase efficiency from our equipment operators and your equipment operators,

  8. Write and communicate recommendations

  9. Provide a comparison of your planned activities to what was actually done at the end of the year, and so much more.

Soil Sampling:

I could write all day just to prolong having to go back outside but I will keep this somewhat brief. With Agworld we can now give locational data of soil sample points.


In the past we would sample a field and mix all the samples into one giving you an “average” soil nutrient level over the whole field, but as we know, the variance in soil type and health across a field can be drastic.


We will now go to predetermined locations chosen based on different soil type, yield variance, or field health imagery.  Each soil sample point will be barcode scanned with an iPad at the time of sampling.


The soil sample information including the client, farm, and field name is automatically sent to our Agworld account and to Midwest Laboratories for analysis. The sample results are entered into our Agworld account under the field and location from which it came. This information can then be used to create a soil health zone map. We can then write precision prescriptions and send them to your equipment or to ours if you want to venture down the road of variable rate application.


Farm Plan:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a written plan of what will happen on every acre of your farm before the season starts? I know your banker would love to see it!

Come into Custom Crop Care and tell us what your plans are.  From there we can create a farm plan on Agworld that breaks down all the operations for each of your fields. You don’t have to waste your time sitting at your computer, tell us what you want to do and we will handle all the heavy lifting.


A report will be generated that breaks down the planned inputs for the next season by crop type, product, and operation. We can also break it down by farm or field with maps and projected total costs. After this report is created, we can discuss possibilities for reducing costs or improving yields. We can also create different scenarios to see what is going to be the best fit for your operation. For example, different ways of managing our fallow acres and what is going to be the best option for the cleanest fields and most cost-effectiveness.


Field Scouting:

Agworld is also an excellent platform for improved field scouting. Field health imagery can be used to identify problem areas within a field. We can now go straight to those anomalies and see if there is a pest infestation that needs attention or any other issue that can be remedied by taking action. We will also come out and look at your field, whether it be fallow or crop and make our observations. In the past we would call, text, or leave a voicemail. Now we record our observations on the iPad and from there we can create recommendations and send them in pdf form to your phone on what fields need attention, how soon, what products, and even break down the cost of any operation that is recommended. If you agree with the recommendation and choose to take action, we can turn that recommendation into a work order and send it straight to our sprayer so that our operator knows what his next assignment is and where to go and what to use. Once that work order is completed the data is automatically sent from the sprayer to the Agworld account where it is recorded on your client page and marked as done.


As we saw last spring, time was tough to come by and we know the frustration of having to take time out of your day to show our operators what fields need to be done and how to get to each one. With Agworld, that is a thing of the past. When Custom Crop Care creates your farm plan, we know what fields are going to be seeded and what chemicals are going to be used. Your farm plan can be set into action with the click of a button. Controller files are sent straight to our operator via the monitor in the equipment and to an iPad or phone — no need to shut down and show us where we are going. We can get directions to all the fields we selected in your farm plan, giving you ease of mind knowing that we are all on the same page about your operation.


At the end of the year we can look at what we actually did on your acres as opposed to what we planned  at the beginning of the year. Plans change and we know that. Prices vary, weather changes, and minds change. We can create a report for you showing those changes. All of this information can help us make better decisions for the next year.


This all sounds pretty awesome, right? But as we are in the world of production agriculture we have to ask. How much does it cost? It may be a surprise when we say nothing if you are a member of the Inner Crop Circle. There is no cost to you as the grower. You can, if you want to, subscribe to a grower account so that you can input your machine data or create farm plans if that is something that you want to partake in, but you don’t have to. We can take any machine data that you might have, whether you bring it in on a thumb drive or we come out and download it ourselves, and put in into your Agworld client account. With the free access you can view all of the data and plans that we have created for you at any time, you just can’t edit any of the information.


If we’ve piqued your interest,  swing in and have a cup of coffee, and we would be more than happy to give you a demonstration and a more in-depth rundown of how this whole thing works!  In the meantime, stay warm and take care!

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